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Updated: Mar 20, 2018

So much is happening over here at Holistic Psychotherapy of Marin!

Coming soon will be a plethora of interviews with other whole health providers in Marin County and beyond sharing how their chosen disciplines meet the holistic health stamp of approval.

I'm hungry to offer my clients every health promoting approach in my own practice - but there's not enough time in the day to go to school for everything, and besides, it would be an isolated endeavor. Over the past several years, I've been collaborating with other holistic health pioneers and now more than ever, my clients (and me!) are digging into life, feeling more supported and in charge of their own health objectives.

I've also recognized that, sometimes, I find it challenging to explain what it is about other specific practices or services that would compliment my work. I just don't know enough. I might know anecdotally how their work supported my health or someone's that I love, but I'm humbly aware that they are much more qualified to share what their magic sauce is than I could ever be.

So, I created this simple interview, with a standard set of questions for each of them to respond to ~ based on their unique perspective of their own work. My hope is that it will become a resource of convenience and knowledge. Knowledge is power!


1. How does your practice address emotional health objectives?

2. How does your practice address physical health objectives?

3. How does your practice address health objectives related to the mind (intellect, thoughts, consciousness, wisdoms, etc.)?

4. How does your practice support your clients with moving their health objectives into action?

5. How does your practice address spiritual health objectives?

As you may have guessed, these 5 questions each correspond to many things found or felt in the natural world and are 5 Routes towards a whole health experience:

~ Elements: water, earth, air, fire, quintessence, or fifth element, or spirit

~ Directions: west, north, east, south, as above so below

~ Senses: we have 5 main senses

~ 5 fingers

~ 5 toes

~ 5 is the number of the human with the arms (2), Legs (2), and head (1).

...and the list of 5 as an organizing principle to life is quite stunning, extending throughout all cultures globally.

*** So, stay tuned as I gather all the great responses to these ***

5 universal questions towards a whole health experience.

In Gratitude & Health,

~Arinn, xo

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