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ASCENSIÓN  × Espíritu


Elemental Pleasures, Organic Plant Conduits:

Somalian Frankincense, African Myrrh, Sumatran Benzoin, French Cacao, Brazillian Copaiba Balsam, 24K Edible Gold, ethically mined Gold Mica, Sicilian First Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Aether, Love, Light, Reiki, Raw Quartz Crystal, Full Moon Frequencies..

ASCENSIÓN × Espíritu

$25.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
  • ASCENSIÓN immerses you in a deep tranquility of mind; soothing, elevating, and enchanting your being on all dimensions. Frankincense, Myrrh, and Benzoin provide a sublime blend of aromas distilled from the resinous, weepy tears of these sacred, ancient trees. 

    Your devotional anointing practice has the potential to shift you into higher levels of consciousness by developing your connection to the divine and your unique expression of divine light. This oil is especially potent, elevated by the celestial frequencies of gold offering protection, visibility, and anchoring into both the supernatural and earthly planes. Move further into higher vibrational frequencies without being pulled back into lower energies tied to fear. Release and heal past wounds, energetic blockages, beliefs, and limitations, as you integrate the light and dark aspects of your humanness - bringing about authenticity and wholeness.

    Well ascended ancestors, spirit guides, and angels reveal themselves through the medicine of dragon, sea serpent, dove, jaguar, quetzal, phoenix, hawk, cricket, fae, orbs, number sequences, synchronicities, sudden chill, spirals, and epiphany. Take a moment to pause and listen to their counsel for your big beautiful life. 

    Rise above the experience of duality, transcend negativity, and live as an awakened divine being in physical form.

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