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BAPTISM  × Water


Elemental Pleasures, Plant Conduits:

Organic Turkish Rose Otto, Indian Sandalwood, Sumatran Dragons Blood, Lemon, Brazillian Copaiba Balsam, Organic Bulgarian Pink Rose petals, Sicilian First Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Love, Light, Reiki, Raw Quartz Crystal, Full Moon Frequencies.


  • BAPTISM connects you to the rich, velvety, opulence of blooming roses warmed by the dewy morning sun in autumn as the deep, smoothe, woody undertones of sandalwood invite you to rest easefully upon willowy lakeshores frolicking whimsically with the soft, sensual notes of wild crafted, resinous dragons blood.

    Allow this lush oil to transport you to unimaginable depths of love and compassion for this precious life. The fluids of your human form circulate in rhythm with the tides of the ocean ebbing and flowing in concert with the moon to restore you to balance, replenish your system, and refresh your life. Cleansing, purifying, making life possible. Dive into the deep waters of  your intuition, feeling the wisdom of your body, and the bewildering range of your emotional reservoir.

    Well ascended ancestors, spirit guides, and angels reveal themselves through the medicine of: whale, dolphin, fish, turtle, frog, sea otter, swan, squid, octopus, spider, starfish, and eel. Take a moment to pause and listen to their wise counsel for your big beautiful life. Trust in your whole being as a healing womb for boundless creation, regeneration, and transmutation. Be love, receive love, share love. 

    ~ And remember, water always finds a way

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