Route Five connects whole health pioneers with every person through podcasts, blogs, community outreach, &

grassroots advocacy. We search the world over for healthcare professionals that are in a constant state of authentic

personal and professional evolution. They're leaders in their field and know when it's time to 

consult with or refer to other trusted healthcare professionals.


 They work with you to create sustainable whole health plans -  

Seeing ALL of YOU, the many dimensions of life that you navigate through on a daily basis.


Route Five expands the traditional one route approach to healthcare.


We'll travel through Five Routes to your whole health -

physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and offer tips and tools to put it all into action.


Exploring new directions.

Reclaiming ancient wisdoms.

Whole health integration.

What's Route Five?

Photo credit: Angelique Roja

What Happens on the Route Five Podcast?

Our conversations with each whole health pioneer will be like rambling on down 

an old country road with one of your favorite companions. 

They'll take us through their own personal health journeys and then

we'll learn about what drives them to deliver their unique blend of wholeness wisdom.


Every episode will include how their approach towards

whole-person healthcare addresses Five integrated Routes -

physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and offer tips and tools to put it all into action.

You're sure to feel all the feels, linger in moments of awe,

and discover new routes along your journey to livin' your best life.

Your Host

Hi There! I'm Arinn Testa ~ 

        a homegrown wildcrafted human just like you.


About 3 years ago I began hatching together a plan to elevate healthcare.

With a background in neuroscience, psychology, healing, and spiritual traditions

I set off to do my darnedest to put my plan into good action.


I found that whether I was working in universities, hospice, homeless encampments, Central American rainforests, jails, elementary schools, psych emergency, in the lab, over the phone, on the street, in an office, or in someone's home I kept hearing the same thing again and again ~"health professionals don't see me, hear me, or feel me. I'm not a part of the plan - one part of me is functioning better but now I have a dozen more symptoms - and I don't know what's going on."

As a full-time working mother of three on my own health journey - I've shared in this befuddlement as I heartedly navigate the healthcare system for my own my family. What's more, had it not been for the flood of conversations I had with pretty much everyone about their health journeys occurring on the soccer field, over a holiday meal, in the bleachers of a kids ball game, at the grocery store, walking my dog, next to the water cooler - I would have moved along and remained safely on shore without picking up the baton to drive this puppy.


AND, in delightful contrast, I'm SO grateful to have experienced the magnificence of being seen, heard, and felt by amazing healthcare professionals. I've also witnessed, in AWE, the generous, skilled manner that health professionals have provided for my family, friends, and clients. It's their impact and my desire to emulate them that has brought me to the FEVER I have in sharing their wisdoms, and that of many others, with you...So that your health journeys will be brimming with all the wholesome goodness you deserve. xo

* Read more about my education and professional background here, or go -->

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Meet the Team

Angelique Roja

CFO & Board Member

This exceptional woman began her business savvy-ness as an independent hairdresser with a flourishing practice for more than a decade - while simultaneously

raising four children.

She later returned to school, graduating with honors, expanding her mad skills in finance and entrepreneurship. Postgrad, she's managed complex financial portfolios through New York Life and dealt with all the tedious details of health insurance administration. In the past few years, she's experienced a resurgence of her creative fire - diving deep into photography, up-cycled art,

and interior design.

She offers us invaluable counsel on both her creative & economic talents.

She's my cousin, oldest friend, and embodies the true essence of

what it is to love and be loved.

You can check out some of her

up-cycled art on our site or book

 a photography session with her


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Delaine Olson, MA

COO & Board Member

Delaine is a trailblazer

and I wouldn't be here without her, 

no really,

she's also my mom.

She has an eye for detail, a keen sense of humor, and laser-accurate intuition. She graduated from both her Bachelor and Masters in Psychology with honors while she raised us, hellions. Once in the field, she worked with survivors of Domestic Violence, at risk elderly and hospice, children in crisis

 and in foster care, and

for many years was the

Director of the Central Valley

Training Center working with Developmentally Disabled 

adults and their families.

She's never done anything halfway and helped to blaze the trails for my developing vision of how to provide the most integrous, whole-person approach to healing that I can muster. She gets as much from life as she gives (which is enormous!) and we're so fortunate 

to have her on board!

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Elizabeth Cline

Creative Collaborator

Have you ever met someone that just does what they say they're going to do, no matter how lofty the vision ,and can create something from anything? Elizabeth is a living example and personal role model of this.

Her creative actions know no limits - from music to clothing and jewelry design, to food, to how to make the most of every precious moment.

I feel so grateful (and frankly like I'm getting away with a high crime) that she agreed to be Route Five's Creative Collaborator. I've watched her turn everything she touches into thriving contributions for individuals and communities. She's offered her counsel to Route Five on everything from

how to form a non-profit to the color

of our natural dyed gift bags.

*She puts the sparkle in our pixie dust.*


Check her most recent creative project:




or, check out a show at the theater

she founded with her husband:



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