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Route Five delivers the ancient art of medicine making to your home.
Each plant is ethically sourced from farms across the Earth that are dedicated to
organic methods, ethical wildcrafting, and non-GMO.
Our medicines are infused with reverence from seed to cell membrane. 
We're devoted to promoting sustainable, biodiverse ecosystems across the planet, 
as well as within the infinite wisdom of your internal landscape ~
offering deep, whole health, on all levels of being.
We are stewards of the Earth and listen to the wise counsel of each plant and fungi teacher in formulating our potent medicines. Our formulas are alchemized to generate restoration, integration,
and wholesome wellness. We are committed to co-creating in a good way
as we walk together on this Earthen journey.

Our Devotion

R O U T E   F I V E

Everything is Earth, Fire, Air Water, and Spirit
We are North, South, East, West, and the Center.
We are whole, born whole, living whole, and will pass on from this human life whole.
Our wholeness travels through many interconnected routes; five among these are physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and action. Throughout life, exposure to internal and external stimuli may create interference with our connection to wholeness. This interference can contribute to an imbalance
in our experience of aliveness, resulting in disconnection, over or under-functioning,
fragmentation, or habitual detours within these five routes,

Adversity, such as illness, tragedy, and defeat, doesn't solely diminish our experience of aliveness;

rather, it often serves as a catalyst for growth. 

These aversive moments may facilitate the emergence of unrealized strength
and fundamental shifts in thoughts, feelings, and perceptions that lead to vital growth.
Whole health exists despite pain and suffering. We can be in the midst of a health crisis and
connect to a range of emotions, be mentally stimulated, have a sense of our part in
the interconnectedness of life, and integrate the meaning of it all.
"We are made for these times." ~ Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

We have an inherent capacity to bring whole health and healing into our personal and collective systems.
Route Five emerged into the collective in response to a persistent nudge from Spirit.
We're all being called to approach our lives in a Good Way. To walk lightly upon the earth,
thoughtfully connect to the infinite wisdom within and all around, shift our awareness
or perceptional patterns, and expand our definition of whole health and healing.
We are nature. Deepening your connection with plant allies will
shepherd you into your wild, luminous essence.​

*Route Five is a non-profit 501c3, EIN # 830849697, and we donate a portion of all of our sales to local charities,
organizations, families, and individuals in need. BIPOC and female-identified emphasized.


A r i n n   T e s t a, PsyD
~Founder, CEO Route Five

Welcome! I'm so happy you found your way to

our apothecary and collection of curios.

I'm the alchemist, plant ally, medicine maker, dreamer

medicine carrier, momma, and faithful steward of Route Five.

Plants have always been a source of medicine and fascination along my journey. As a child rolling in the mud and tall grasses, beneath the weeping willows, with the sun warming my bones, birds in song, and the mixture of sweet grass and cherry blossoms floating in the summer breeze of our family farm, I was blissfully aware of the subtle energies circulating through Mother Earth - feeling held by its web of interconnectedness and my part in this swirling of life.

And, maybe like you, throughout life, it's always been the plants, elements of nature, animals, and insects that anchor me to my internal compass as I navigate unknown landscapes.

As a licensed Doctor of Psychology (PSY22398) specializing in Neuroscience, Spirituality, and Jungian Depth Psychology, my three-decade-long healing practice delves into the intricate and multidimensional facets of the human experience, exploring the subtle and unconscious realms.

Deepening into the Plant Path enhances how I conceptualize and approach another's healing journey. All of life is in a constant state of change, cycling through both personal and collective expressions of vitality. Conditions internally and externally are influenced by a myriad of energetic frequencies that facilitate growth, stillness, stagnation, decomposition, and rebirth. Whole health is cultivated through a convergence of forces seen and unseen that allow for the emergence of one's essence to be felt, actualized, and lived.

I work with Spirit to alchemize what's being called forth to facilitate one's alignment. along their earth walk.

And, just because I'm sort of a magpie, a collector of treasures old and new, I also developed Route Five Revival, a hand-selected, curated hodge-podge of vintage treasures and handcrafted goods from devoted artisans to share with you.


Meet the Team


Angelique Roja

CFO & Board Member

This exceptional woman began her business savvy-ness as an independent hairdresser with a flourishing practice for more than a decade - while simultaneously

raising four children.

She later returned to school, graduating with honors, expanding her mad skills in finance and entrepreneurship. Postgrad, she's managed complex financial portfolios through New York Life and dealt with all the minutia of health insurance administration. In the past few years, she's experienced a resurgence of her creative fire - diving deep into photography, up-cycled art, and interior design.

She offers us invaluable counsel on her creative & economic skills.

She's my cousin, oldest friend, and embodies the true essence of

what it is to love and be loved.

You can check out some of her

up-cycled art on our site or book

 a photography session with her


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Delaine Olson, MA

COO & Board Member

Delaine is a trailblazer

and I wouldn't be here without her, no really,

she's also my mom.

She has an eye for detail, a keen sense of humor, and 

laser-accurate intuition.

She graduated from both her Bachelor and Masters in Psychology with honors while raising 

my brother and me.

Her professional portfolio is an impressive array of community activism and civil service. 

She's worked with survivors of Domestic Violence, at-risk elderly and hospice, children in crisis

 and in foster care, and

for many years was the

Director of the Central Valley

Training Center working with Developmentally Disabled 

adults and their families.

She's a lover of plants, animals, children, culinary arts, and travel ~and we're so fortunate 

to have her on board!

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Elizabeth Cline

Creative Collaborator

Have you ever met someone that just does what they say they're going to do, no matter how lofty the vision, and can create something from anything? Elizabeth is a living example of this.

Her creative actions knows no limits - from music to clothing and jewelry design, to food, to how to make the most of every moment.

I feel so grateful (and frankly like I'm getting away with a high crime) that she agreed to be Route Five's Creative Collaborator. I've watched her turn everything she touches into thriving contributions for individuals and communities. She's offered her counsel to Route Five on everything from

how to form a non-profit to the overall esthetic.

Check out her handcrafted jewelry and homegoods here: 

or, check out a show at the theater

she founded with her husband:

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