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Route Five

Sacred Alchemy

Anointing oils

Route Five Sacred Alchemy Anointing Oils

Route Five’s Sacred Alchemy Anointing Oils are slow-steeped in deep prayer, wildcrafted plants,

Reiki-Raw Quartz Crystal transmissions, and hand-poured into smalted cobalt blue glass

under the potency of the full moon. Our formulas are blended from high-quality,

consciously-sourced plants that are pure, natural, non-synthetic, chemical-free, 

cruelty-free, single botanical, non- GMO, via farms that are committed to

ethical methods of planting, growing, & harvesting. 


With every prayerful application, your relationship with the plant and crystal kingdoms will

broaden your connection to all that is. Each odorant molecule is lovingly activated

with the intention of deepening your contact to the expansive territory of

your inner-being and other multi-demential realms. 


Experience the rapturous harmony of your precious aliveness.

Sacred Alchemy  +  Plant Conduits

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