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Stepping into our heart-centered, purpose-aligned path involves some trust that our lives are unfolding for us not to us.

Trust that there's a grace that includes the depths of pain and the expansiveness of pleasure.

We step into the myst, the unknown, the space of unimaginable realms of possibility, 

the prayer that urges us to continue stepping forward as we do the work to co-create our story on this Earth walk.

into.the.myst emerged from this space, the liminal, luminous chasm, and holds the prayer to gather in community to support our remembering, our coming home, to the rapture of our aliveness.

We do this through three channels of sacred service

~ Ceremony, Events, & Integration Support

~ a Shop of curated Sacred Tools

~ Regenerative Practices

Ceremony, Events & 
Integration Support


Gather with us as we step into.the.myst to journey with Ceremonial Cacao Medicine, guided meditation, sound healing, Reiki, movement, ritual & more. Explore the depths of your consciousness, expansive heart, and boundless Spirit. Experience how the Spirit of Cacao will support you in walking your aligned, heart-centered path in a Good Way. We're also available to Book for Private Ceremonies.

Sacred Tools


Explore our curated shop of Sacred products to enhance your unfolding into the unknown realms and return Home to yourself. Among these are Cacao paste, Molinillos, Anointing Oil, Seasonal Spirit Mysts, Flower Essences, Healing Salves, Elixers & more. Individualized Integration Sessions from either arinn or araceli are available for purchase as well.

Regenerative Practices


into.the.myst is devoted to supporting individuals and communities in creating sustainable growth. We donate 15% of our profits from any product or service we offer to selected individuals & organizations. We also accept donations towards scholarships for individuals that may have difficulty with paying for our Ceremonies or other events.

Stayed-tuned as we continue to  build this content
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