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AVEQ TOI  +  With You


Elemental Pleasures, Organic Plant Conduits:

Madagascar Ylang Ylang, Italian HoneySuckle, Hawaiian Pikake, Indian Sandalwood, Baltic Amber, Indonesian Patchoili, Sonoma County Mugwort, Sonoma County Damiana alcohol extract, Appalachian Maitake Mushroom cold infused oil, French Cacao, Sicilian First Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Love, Light, Reiki, Raw Quartz Crystal, Full Moon Frequencies.

AVEC TOI x With You

  • 15 ml

    Route Five’s AVEC TOI is a blend of plants and energetics lovingly crafted  to elevate your experience of embodied aliveness. Avec Toi is the breathy, delicious French way to say, with you, placing the emphasis on your body, your life, your participation with All that is. It provokes the rapture of your own essence, alive and in love with the skin you’re in, the blood you circulate, and the air you breathe. Tapping into the multidimensional qualities of your being - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to initiate your experience of Heaven on Earth. 

       AVEC TOI is formulated to arouse the union of the divine masculine and feminine aspects within you. Allow the soft, sensual, exotic, floral scents of HoneySuckle, Ylang Ylang, and Pikake to deliver you into swirls of emotion, textures, sounds, movement, and colors ~ feeling the ecstatic and sometimes painful beauty of the moment. Surrender to the deep, sensual, woodsy aromas of Amber, Patchouli, and Sandalwood as they boldly step-in to carry you over thresholds of chaos and ache, to the blissful shores of ease. Damiana and Cacao infuse your prayer with divine grace for secure passage into the luscious, nourishing landscapes of your eternal essence. The mycelial Maitake mushroom dances about this viscous oil assisting you with clearing blocks from past hurts, present inertia, and future foreboding, expanding your consciousness, rooting and rising from the beat of your heart.

        It begins with you. Raising the frequency of your inner core, permeating all space along the physical plane and the layers of your astral body, attracting energies that harmonize with what you’re generating - and feeling compassion for those that don’t. The plant allies of AVEC TOI do not do the work for you, rather, they are powerful catalysts for healing and growth along the path of your conscious and deliberate practice with them - with you.

       Drop in, trust, and listen for guidance from your highest Self and Spirit. State your intention for this Sacred passage and invite those Spirit Allies that come in a Good Way to  support you. Wander about your senses as you connect with the natural pleasures of smell, sound, sight, taste and touch. By anointing this oil into your system you may tap into its vast wisdom, becoming unburdened, spiritually awakened, and sensually alive. 

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