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Route Five’s LIMINAL tincture is handcrafted collaboratively with Sacred Plants traditionally used in ritual and ceremonial practices around the world. For those who come in a good way this formula may catalyze: 

  • Vivid/Lucid Dreams,
  • Consciousness Expansion,
  • Extrasensory Perception,
  • Connection to Ancestors/Spirit Guides/Higher Self,
  • Enhanced Dream Recall, Deep/Restorative Sleep,
  • Heart Soothing/Opening, Cleansing & Protection, 
  • Nervous System Fortitude/Modulation


  • Calea Zacatechchi*, Hemia Salicifolia*, Mugwort*, 
    White Water Lily*, Passion Flower, Tulsi*, Reishi*, 
    Ashwagandha*,Hawthorn Berry Glycerite, Raw Honey,
    Cane Spirits, Reiki Master Symbols,Quartz Crystal 

  • Hold bottle on a chakra of choice + set intention. Place 3-10 drops in 2 oz of water or directly in your mouth - you may choose to follow-up with honey or other palette neutralizer.

    * NOTE: extremely bitter due to plants with an * 

    This bitterness provides potent toning of all systems and is an integral componentof its medicine.

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