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Route Five's MOON N' BACK Serum smoothes, soothes,
tones, detoxifies & nourishes your being on all levels.


The potent plant allies of this formula ease deep into the dermis providing enduring protection and healing of 
dry, bumpy, crepey, loose, dimply, uneven textured skin, resulting in a taut, supple silky glow. You may apply it all over, though it's especially alchemized to honor, celebrate, and revere your backside ~ crown to Achilles heel.


This luminous, high vibrational remedy clears dense/stagnant energy and fortifies/secures the astral body - mending 
auric vulnerabilities and transmuting darkness into light.
• Bless your whole life ~ xo •

M O O N N' B A C K

  • Organic Conduits: Green Tea & Dulce hot spring water infusion, Aloe Juice, Aloe Gel, Strawberry Tree fruit glycerite, Comfrey Root cold pressed EVOO, Jojoba Oil, RoseHip Oil, Ecomulse, Castor Oil, Usnea Extract, Leucidal Extract, Sea Buckthorn Extract, Vitamin E, Cherry Blossom & Pink Pepper EOs, Stardust Mica, Pitaya,
    Reiki, Love & Angel Aura Quartz Transmissions

  • MOON N' BACK is formulated to bring vibracny to the largest organ of your body, your skin. It is especially intended to soothe and support your entire back side. As a serum, it's best applied before other products and absorbs for a "sticky minute" this sticky minute is your reminder to allow it to absorb before appliying mositurizer or lotion. It will dry with a flat texture as it seals in the healing goodness.

    External use only. 
    Avoid eyes & open wounds.
    Handcrafted in Small Batches
    with Love in Marin County, California

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