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Each Prayer Card represents a corresponding

Sacred Alchemy Anointing Oil.


Each card corresponds to the acrchetype/essense that energeticlly emerged during the blending of each Sacred Alchemy Anointing Oil. They are small batched, hand printed on Linen cardstock, and the edges are Victorian Scissor carved. Imperfections are intential, and unavoidable, adding to the aged appearance.


The prayers for Communion, Baptism, Revelation, and Sacred Heart are original Sacred downloads that were synergistically revealed in a Ceremonial cooperative manner through the Plants, Archetypes, Spirit guides, well-ascended Ancestors, Animal and Crystal energetics, Astrological and Reiki transmissions, and my open, trusting heart.


The Prayer Cards are Living transmissions designed to unlock that particular collection of expressions inside your infinite being. For example, if it's grounding and the fertility of Earth, aliveness in your body, and connection to all living beings you wish to access, you may want to do any combination of:

  • place a drop of the COMMUNION Sacred Alchemy Anointing Oil on you or a sacred object
  • read the prayer out loud, silently, or sing it
  • gaze at the Archetype, Mary Magdalene, on the card
  • review the elements on the instruction card to guide your own prayer

Route Five's Prayer Cards

  • In order of appearance:

    • COMMUNION   x  Earth  x  Mary Magdalene - "By the Earth that is Her Body"
    • REVELATION  x  Air  x  The Oracle of Delphi - "By the Air that is Her Breath"
    • BAPTISM  x  Water  x  Our Lady of Guadelupe - "By the Water that is Her Blood
    • SACRED HEART  x  Fire  x  Christ Consciousness - By the Fire that is Her Spirit"
    • ASCENSION  x  Spirit  x  The Emerald Tablet of Hermes/Sacred text by Madame Blavatsky - "As Above, so Below, as Within, so Without."
    • Avec Toi  x  With You  x  A mirror ~ YOU are the Muse/Sacred text by YOU - "With You all things are possible"
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