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Elemental Pleasures, Organic Plant Conduits:

Texas Cedarwood, Madagascar Black Pepper, Chinese Cassia, Central American Damiana, Bulgarian Tobacco, Brazillian Copaiba Balsam, Sicilian First Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil Air, Love, Light, Reiki, Raw Quartz Crystal, Full Moon Frequencies.


  • SACRED HEART connects you to the spicy, sweet warmth of cinnamon bark (Cassia) elevated by the sharp, pungency of Madagascar black pepper. It evokes a sultry August night by the campfire with smokey hints of cedarwood and bright fruity undertones of Damiana.

    These aromas offer a calming, uplifting, aphrodisiac effect on your mood. Let the heat of this oil burn away all that does not serve you, summoning you to move from the golden seed of your being. Indulge in sensual pleasures, taking risks, and determine confidently the highest good for yourself and others. The cauldron of your heart burns eternal like the sun, radiating outward, filling all the spaces, people, and places around you with your resplendence, offering hope of a new day. Embody the light that peers into the shadows with boldness and grace. The transformative essense of fire will reveal the existence, direction, and potency of your passions.

    Well ascended ancestors, spirit guides, and angels reveal themselves through the medicine of lion, lizard, salamander, snake, scarab beetle, coyote, desert fox, scorpion, armadillo, and fire ant. Take a moment to pause and listen to their wise counsel for your big beautiful life. 

    ~ Seek what sets your soul on fire 🔥

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